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How do I setup my speakers to my computer?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Please make sure you have an auxillary coord, speakers, and power to the speakers.

Step 1: Place the two speakers any where within reach of your work station

Step 2: Plug in the speaker with a built in coord to the main speaker, and place it into “Speaker out”


Step 3:Plug in the auxillary coord into the back of the main speaker under “Input”


Step 4: Plug the other side of the auxiliary coord into the back of the computer tower.
The plug-in looks like this:


Step 5: plug in the power coord to the wall/surge protector, and the other side into the back of the main speaker called “DC IN"


Step 6: log into your computer, and in the "search" at the bottom left hand side, type in "Sound".


Step 7: Make sure the "Speakers" are set as default (with a green check mark), and right-click on the speakers, then left-click "Test" to make sure the sound works (make sure the speakers are turned on, and volume is up).

If your still having issues, please consult the WNCC IT Department.

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