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Voicemail Features and Functions
Last Updated 3 years ago

To Access Voicemail

Press the Messages Button and Enter your pincode.

Button Option Guide:

During Message After Message
1. Restart
1. Replay
2. Save 2. Save
3. Delete 3. Delete
4. Slow Playback 4. Reply
5. Change Volume Message 5. Forward
6. Fast Playback 6. Save as New
7. Rewind (5 Second Increments)
7. Rewind (5 Second Increments)
8. Pause/Resume 8. (Not used)
9. Fast Forward (5 Second Increments) 9. Play Summary

To Leave a Message in Voicemail

  • Press *, Dial extension
  • To by-pass Greeting, Press #.

To transfer a caller directly into Voicemail

  • Press Transf softkey
  • Dial #, then extension number
  • Press Transf softkey or hang up

To Access Your Mailbox remotely

  • Dial your Direct Dial Number, when greeting starts, press * then enter your ID (Extension number) followed by # and Password followed by #.Or Dial the Back Door Number (635-6750) and enter ID and Password.

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