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PaperCut: How to setup and print to a PaperCut printer
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How to Setup and Print to a PaperCut Printer

WNCC utilizes a program called PaperCut to manage and monitor all printing in a controlled and secure method. PaperCut allows the user to send their print request to a holding queue. Then they can go to any campus printing location and sign in using either their card key or network login to access their print requests and release the desired items to print.

To setup a PaperCut printer on your network attached computer:

Click on Windows Start

Click on Settings

Select Devices

Select Printers & Scanners

Click on Add a printer or Scanner

Search and select the PaperCut Printing Queue


Click on Add Device


Printing to PaperCut

From within your application, open the print dialog and make sure to select the PaperCut Printing Queue and then print.


Releasing and retrieving your Print Job

After you have printed to PaperCut, your print job is being held in a queue waiting for you to release it. Go to any WNCC printer station and login using your credentials or using your cardkey.


Once logged in, you will see your print jobs that are in queue. Select the job you want to print or you can select to print all the jobs.

After the jobs have printed, log out and take your printed documents.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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