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Outlook: Update master distribution lists
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Update Master Distribution Lists

In an effort to improve Outlook, we have made a change to some of the main distribution lists. Some of the lists were not working correctly so not everyone that was on the list were receiving the emails as sent to the list. Therefore, we are replacing the lists and we need your help. If you have used one of the OLD lists in the past, your computer will have a local copy ready to use when you type a new email. We need you to remove this OLD copy and then the next time you go to use a list, your computer will re-populate with the NEW one.

In order to do this, you can open a new email and start to type in the old email address. Outlook should popup a list of previously used addresses. Once the list appears, you can simply click on the 'X' to the right of the address you want to remove as shown in the image below. That's it. Just repeat for any of the old addresses list


That's it! Just repeat for each of the old addresses listed. Also, here are the new addresses for future reference.

Alliance Faculty
Alliance Campus Faculty
Alliance Admin/Support Staff
Alliance Campus Staff
Scottsbluff Faculty
Scottsbluff Campus Faculty
Scottsbluff Admin/Support Staff
Scottsbluff Campus Staff
Sidney Faculty
Sidney Campus Faculty
Sidney Admin/Support Staff Sidney Campus Staff
Adjuncts All
Adjunct Faculty
All Campus All Employees
All WNCC Faculty and Staff

- Your WNCC IT Team

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