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Outlook: How to setup and Use a shared mailbox
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How to Setup and Use a Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox is a mailbox in which various users can access and be able to send email as the shared mailbox. To request a shared mailbox or access to one, you must submit a IT Request. After you have been granted access, the mailbox will automatically appear in the navigation pane in Outlook.

To Send email as
To be able to do a send as the shared mailbox, you need to add the From field option. This only needs to be done once. Also if you reply or forward an email in the shared box, it will already be sent from that shared mailbox.

  1. Open a new mail window
  2. Click on Options in the ribbon bar menu
  3. Click the From Icon to show the field

  4. Once the from field appears, click on it
  5. Select other email
  6. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox in the prompt
  7. Click OK
After this, if you want to send an email as the shared mailbox, just click on the from field and select it.

Troubleshoot failed delivery
If you send an email as the shared mailbox and get a failed delivery, you need to rebuild your Outlook cache. Here are the steps to rebuild it. Or you can open a ticket to have IT help.

  1. Close Outlook and all office programs such as Word and Excel.
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Click on View in the menu ribbon
  4. Check the hidden items box
  5. Navigate to the directory C:\users\your ID\AppData\local\Microsoft
  6. Find the outlook folder
  7. Rename the folder to Outlook_Old (if the rename fails, you still have a Microsoft app open. You might need to check Skype)
  8. Click on View in the menu Ribbon
  9. Uncheck the hidden items box
  10. Close Windows Explorer
  11. Open Outlook
  12. Wait for Outlook to re-configure and download your email. This may take 5 to 10 minutes.
  13. You should be able to send email as normal.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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