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Password: How do I recover my Password?
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How do I Recover My Password?

If you have forgotten you password and would like to reset your account this FAQ will help.

Step 1. Using your modern browser of choice navigate to

Step 2. In the top of the screen left click on "New to WNCC? Need to Reset your Password? Click Here!

Step 3. Left click "What's my password"


Step 4. Left click "I don't remember, reset my password"


Step 5. Fill in the required information and left click "SUBMIT"


Step 6. Left click the drop down arrow, left click your recovery email address, and then left click "SUBMIT"
Note: If an email does not appear in the drop down box or the email is incorrect you must call HR and request to have your recovery email updated.


Once you click submit you will receive an email from titled "WebAdvisor response". This email will contain a Temporary password that you can use to log onto your account.

Step 7. Left Click "LOG IN". Next you will enter you User Name in the User ID field, your New Temporary password into the password field, and left click "SUBMIT".

Step 8. Once you log in you will be requested to change your password. Fill out all of the fields in the form, left click submit, and you have changed your password.


WNCC recommends you setup multi-factor authentication to help protect your account. To do so, you can follow the instructions found in the IT Handbook

- Your WNCC IT Team

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