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Edge: Clearing Your Cache
Last Updated 3 years ago

Clearing Your Cache

If you are experiencing issues with Portal or any other site not loading correctly in your Edge browser, it's likely due to old copies of Portal data residing in your cache. This old data will need to be cleared out in order for Portal to function correctly again. Variations of this procedure can be used in other browsers.

  1. Click the Button that looks like Three Dots in the Upper Right-Hand corner of your window. Click the Settings entry on the subsequent menu.


  2. Go to Privacy & Security on the left side of the menu, and click the Choose what to Clear button underneath the Clear Browsing Data section.

  3. Make sure the following options are selected. Click the Clear Button when Finished.
    1. Cookies and saved website data
    2. Cached data and files
    3. Tabs I've set aside or recently closed

  4. Restart Edge for your Changes to Take Effect.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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