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OneDrive: Using your WNCC OneDrive
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Using your WNCC OneDrive

Unlike the J: and K: drive on your workstation, your WNCC OneDrive is available to you wherever you go! Like other cloud-based storage platforms, it's accessible from anywhere you have access to the internet! You've got a couple of different ways you can access your OneDrive:

Access via a Web Browser

  1. Login to classlink by using the modern browser of your choice and navigating to, and click the "Click Here to Sign Into ClassLink" button in the middle of the page .
  2. Supply your full email address and password when prompted.
  3. Now, click on the icon that looks like the one below labeled "OneDrive".


  4. You will then see your OneDrive contents in the resulting window, like below:


  5. From here, you can use this window as you would any other File Explorer window to manipulate the files on your OneDrive, including Moving, Copying, Downloading, and Deleting files.

Access via the File Explorer

NOTE: This option is not available on VDI due to technical and logistical considerations on the platform. Use the Web-Based method described above if you're on VDI!

  1. If you're on anything other than Windows 10, head to this link to download the latest version of OneDrive from Microsoft. Run the installer when the download finishes.
  2. Open up your File Explorer, and look for and click on the OneDrive icon on the left side of the window, like below:

  3. You will then be prompted to enter your Email address. Use your WNCC Email for this step.
  4. Follow the remaining steps of the Setup Wizard. When you're done, the OneDrive icon in your File Explorer will look like this:


  5. Select the OneDrive - Western Nebraska Community College item in your File Explorer, and you'll be able to interact with your OneDrive just like any other directory on your computer.

Copying Files from the J: Drive to OneDrive

NOTE: This is best accomplished using the "Access Via the File Explorer" method, as this method is best for moving a lot of files. The below instructions reference the "Access Via the File Explorer" method.

  1. Open your J: drive in a File Explorer window.
  2. On the left side of the window, right-click your OneDrive, and select "Open in a New Window."

  3. From here, you can begin Copying and Pasting documents and files from your J: Drive to your OneDrive.
  4. NOTE: Depending on how many files you have copied to your OneDrive, it may take some time for the files to fully sync up to OneDrive. You can check the status of your sync by clicking the Blue Cloud icon in your System Tray next to your clock. If you can't see it, click the Up Arrow at the left-end of your System Tray icons.

Access via your Mobile Device

Like many of the other Microsoft Products on offer, there is a mobile component to this as well! Click on one of the links below depending on your allegiance to Apple or Google Android. Install the application on your device, and follow the setup instructions when opening it for the first time.



- Your WNCC IT Team

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