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Blackboard: Import calendar into Outlook
Last Updated 4 years ago

In this article we will walk through how to configure Outlook to import your blackboard calendar using the link we discovered in this article (Blackboard: Import your class schedule into a preferred calendar)

Don't have Outlook installed on your device? We recommend it! Outlook is the official communication channel between the institution and you. If you want to know how to get outlook installed on your computer follow this link: (Outlook for PC or MAC)
If you want help getting it on your mobile device follow this link: (Outlook for Mobile)

First things first, lets get to outlook. For this task we will access outlook from the Web by clicking the Outlook icon above. Once you complete this guide your imported calendar will show up on any Outlook desktop or mobile device that you have logged into.

Once your Outlook mailbox is open you will need to navigate to the calendars page. You can get there by selecting the calendar icon in the bottom left corner of the page.

Now that we are in the calendar page we can add our blackboard calendar. Again on the left menu bar you will see "Add calendar".


A new window the Add calendar box will open. Select the "Subscribe from web" tab and then enter the link we grabbed from our Blackboard class calendar. Once you have pasted the link you can enter a Name for the Calendar and then select Import.


If your calendar was successfully imported you will get a message like the one below and your new calendar will show up under Other Calendars.


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