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Outlook: Export Contacts
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Open Outlook and click File.

    File Tab
  2. Click Open & Export > Import/Export.

    Open & Export Tab and Import/Export Option
  3. Select "Export to a file."
  4. Click Next.

    Export to a file Option and Next Button
  5. Select "Comma Separated Values."
  6. Click Next.

    Comma Separated Values Option and Next Button
  7. Select Contacts option under Personal Folders.
  8. Click Next.

    Contacts Option and Next Button
  9. Click Browse and choose both a name and location for the exported file.
  10. Click Next.

    Browse Button and Next Button
  11. Click Finish.

    Finish Button - Your WNCC IT TeamWNCC Information Technology - Color H.jpg

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