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Adobe: How do I edit my PDF's?
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This article is going to go over how to create, edit, and add forms/signage with Adobe Acrobat DC.

Step 1: Make sure that your workstation has "Adobe Acrobat DC" as this is the Pro version of "Adobe Reader DC".
"In the event of not having the Pro version please ask IT to get it installed for you via our Ticket request system."

Step 2: Open up "Adobe Acrobat DC" or a PDF document.
(If opening up Adobe Acrobat DC, use shortcut key CTRL + Shift + T, to create a new PDF document.)

Step 3: Once a PDF document opens up or a blank one, go to "Tools" to see what options are available to the program.

The "Edit PDF": Is an tool to utilize Text Box's, Images, Links, etc. This is the primary way of creating PDF documents comparable to Office programs ie Word documents. Once you are done editing inside the "Edit PDF" tool, left click "Close".

The "Combine Files": Is an tool is to allow the end user to have multiple PDF documents, and to allow the end user to sort, and put two or more separate PDF documents together. Once you are done editing inside the "Combine Files" tool, left click "Close".

The "Fill & Sign": Is an tool to allow the end user to sign a PDF document and/or allow another individual to confirm and sign a PDF document. This can come in handy when signing documents or having others insert their signature. The program will want you to choose who is going to sign it with "Me" or "Others", and will want you to save this PDF document before going further for processing/sending the document.

The "Prepare Form": Is an tool is to allow the end user to insert fields in a document that will allow other individuals to write out their name, signature, date fields, drop down views, and interactive buttons etc. Once you have inserted a field inside the PDF document you can right click on it to see what property settings can be changed or manipulated. For example: a button will have a setting called, "Action" which will allow the you the ability to interact with other fields inside your document. Once you are done editing inside the "Prepare Form" tool, left click "Close".

The "Protect": Is an tool with the ability to not allow other individuals to edit your document or can be encrypted for security/longevity. The encrypt ability will allow two colleagues to share a document together, and allow both of them to make changes while securing the document from someone else that doesn't know the password/certificate. Once you are done editing inside the "Protect" tool, left click "Close".

For more information on these tools in more detail please choose the following links, and see Adobe's "How to" Guides:

Edit a PDF document:

Combine PDF documents:

Fill & Sign PDF Documents:

Prepare Form PDF Documents:

Protect PDF Documents:

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