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Zoom: How Do I Schedule a Meeting?
Last Updated 3 years ago

How do I schedule a zoom meeting?

Start by navigating to, and select Sign in.


Once you have signed in you will be presented with your zoom profile. On the left menu select the Meetings tab. Here you can create, edit, and track all of your zoom meetings. To create a meeting select the Schedule a New Meeting button.


Selecting Schedule a New Meeting will open up a meeting template that you will need to fill out. At a minimum you will need to fill out the Topic and When fields.

TIP: Here are a few settings for your meeting that will help.
Duration Field: This is just an estimate and not a hard stop for a meeting.
Time Zone: This should automatically be set to Mountain Time but double check to make sure.
Meeting Options: Make sure "Enable Join before host", and "Mute participants upon entry" boxes are checked.

Once you have filled out the form select the save button at the bottom of the form you will see the final meeting form. You can check this page to make sure all the information is correct and then copy the invitation to send to your meeting attendees. Select "Copy the invitation link" and zoom will bring up the invitation page.


If you select the Copy Meeting Invitation button you can past that information into any email to send to your attendees

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