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Windows 10: How Do I Update Windows?
Last Updated 3 years ago

This article is going to go over how to update windows 10 on a PC.

"Please make sure you have internet connectivity before proceeding with these steps."

1.) Log into the PC
2.) Left click on the start menu icon (Windows Icon at the bottom left of the monitor screen)


3.) Left click on the "Settings" icon (The gear icon at the bottom left of the menu presented)


4.) The "Windows Settings" page will appear and Left click on the "Update & Security".


5.) The "Windows Update" page will appear, and Left click on "Check for updates".


"In step 5 sometimes you may encounter a "Restart this computer"; instead of, "Check for updates" this is to let you know that all the windows updates could be found for the moment, and the computer needs a reboot to apply the updates."

6.) Once the reboot is complete you might need to go through steps one through five again to make sure that windows cannot find any more updates. Once you receive the "You're up to date" message of today's date your windows device cannot be updated anymore.

Please let the IT department know if you need any further assistance.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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