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Zoom: How do I get my mic and sound to work?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you are in a meeting and find that your sound or mic are not working there are a few steps you can try to fix these issues.

First, when you join a meeting you will be presented with this screen. Make sure that you select "Join with Computer Audio"


Second, make sure that your mic is selected in zoom and that you are getting audio from the mic. One way to quickly check to see if zoom is picking up your mic is to look in the bottom left corner at the microphone icon. If it is lighting or filling up with a green color when you talk your mic is connected and zoom is receiving an audio signal, but if it is not showing any green you may need to make sure the correct mic is selected.


Changing audio settings can be done in two places. The quick menu or through zoom's settings panel.
To open the quick menu select the upwards facing arrow next to the mic icon in the bottom left corner.

Now that we have the quick menu open you can see what Microphone sources and Speaker outputs zoom can use. If you know which microphone you are using select it. If you do not know, try selecting each option until you find one that works. If you do not see your microphone in the list it may not be connected correctly, try reconnecting the microphone and if your issue still persists you may need to call an IT expert (x6143).


If you cannot hear anything you can try the same approche with the Speaker options. If you know which speakers you want to use select them or try selecting each option in the list. Again if none of the options work make sure your speakers are plugged in correctly and check windows to make sure your sound is not muted.

In ITV rooms make sure that the system is turned on. Rooms that have a touch panel will need to be turned on. Turning on the system wakes up the amplifier for the speakers built into that room.

For those interested there is another way to manage your sound settings for zoom: Zoom Settings Panel
To get to the Settings Panel select Audio Settings from bottom of the quick menu.


You can also select your Speaker and Microphone from this panel and choose a few settings for your client.

If all else fails give IT a call a 6143 and we will help you get to your meeting.

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