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Requests System: Tour of the Requests System
Last Updated 3 years ago

Thank you for taking interest in the Request System for Wncc. This tool is utilized by many departments at Wncc to manage, track, and complete help request that you may have. In this article we will take a tour of the Requests System's main page.

A link for the Requests System be found in the portal under "Campus Applications" calledWNCC Ticket & Knowledgebase System

Orange: This is where you will need to sign in. Signing in is required for submitting a ticket. This will help us know who needs help and will make it easier to contact you and get your issue resolved.

Red: This is the Search bar for our Knowledge Base which is full of articles like this one to help with common issues. You can use this to quickly search for a solution to your issue which could be faster than putting in a ticket.

Green: This is the "Open a New Ticket Button" click this button to start a submission of an new request ticket. A step by step guide for submitting a ticket can be found in our knowledge base. Try searching for "How to submit a ticket" in the Knowledge Base search bar.

Blue: This is the "Check Ticket Status" button. You can use this button to check on the status of your ticket for updates, comments, and resolution status.

Purple: This is the Main Page message area. In this space we will give notices to known issues that we are aware of and are working on a resolution. If you see a notice for a service you are having an issue with it will not be necessary to submit a ticket, once the issue is resolved this space will be updated to remove the known outage reflecting a resolution of the issue.

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