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Requests System: How to submit a ticket
Last Updated 3 years ago

Thank you for taking interest in the Request System for Wncc. This tool is utilized by many departments at Wncc to manage, track, and complete help request that you may have. In this article we will cover the steps required to submit a ticket.

A link for the Requests System be found in the portal under "Campus Applications" called WNCC Ticket & Knowledgebase System

Step 1: Select the "Open a New Ticket" button and sign in with your Wncc Credentials.

Step 2
: Select the drop down arrow under Help Topic and select Information Technology.


Step 3: Now fill out the form including the type of problem you are having, Affected user size, Building, Room number, when you would like the ticket to be completed, title of request, and then the request

Step 4: Once you have filled out the Request form select Create Ticket.

: When filling out the Title of your request make sure it is briefe and relates to your issue. If you are having trouble with getting to a webpage in chrome try "Issues with Chrome" as your title and then go into detail in the main body of the ticket. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible with your issue. The more details you can provide the quicker we may be able to come up with a resolution.

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