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Chrome: Importing Bookmarks into Chrome from Another Browser
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Importing Bookmarks into Chrome from Another Browser

As Chrome is one of the supported browsers at WNCC, we will show you how to transfer your bookmarks from one browser to another. For this demonstration we will transfer Firefox bookmarks to Chrome.

  1. Open up Google Chrome. The icon for it looks like this:

  2. In the Address Bar at the top of your Chrome window, Copy and Paste in the link below, then press Enter: chrome://settings/importData


  3. In the Import Bookmarks and Settings window that appears, select the Browser that you wish to import your bookmarks from. Then select what you wish to import, and click Import.


  4. A window will appear asking what items to import, such as bookmarks and settings (see below).


  5. Once the Import is successful, you may choose to show your bookmark toolbar in Chrome using the Show Bookmarks Bar option. Click Done when finished.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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