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How to use AutoFile
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AutoFile is a desktop application used to send documents from the PC to Etrieve system.To use AutoFile, you will need to have the application installed by the IT Department or via Software Center.

AutoFile Layout
Below is a screenshot of the AutoFile application and the parts of the application.

  1. Use this to capture document directly from a scanner
  2. Use this to send the document to Etrieve
  3. Thumbnail view of the document to file
  4. Document preview area with zoom capabilities
  5. Filing and index information
  6. Split document into multiple pages for filing
AutoFile Process
To begin, you will need to load a document.This can be done by either selecting the new scan icon or dragging and dropping a document into the pages area of the screen.

If the document has multiple pages and each page is to be filed differently, you will want to check the box to split multi-page files.This will allow you to enter the key data information for each page.

Next, highlight the page to file.Use the preview area to make sure you have the desired page and information that you want to file.

Now you will need to complete the key information in order to file the document by

  1. Selecting the Archive area.Current options are FA (Financial Aid), HR (Human Resources), and Training.
  2. Select the Document type.Based on the archive area, you will get a list of the document types available.
  3. Complete the remaining fields.Each document type may have a different set of fields to complete.Some fields are
    1. Colleague ID: This is the full 7 digit number.Use leading zeros to fill in the full 7 digits
    2. Scan By: This is your user ID or login ID.It is the first part of your email address before the @ sign.
    3. Academic Year: This is the year to file under.It is in the format YYYY-YY where the first part of the academic year is the full four digit followed by only the last two digits of the second year.
  4. If you have a multi-page document that you split, repeat for each page in the document
Select File or File All. If you have a single document you can use File and if it is a multi-page document that you split and have entered data for each page, you can use File All.

And you are now done with that document and ready for the next document.

AutoFile options

  • The clear button will remove the data from the key fields area.
  • To remove a document and not file it, right click on the thumbnail image and select remove.Or click on the remove document icon image
  • To file multiple documents as a single document, drag each of the documents to the pages area.
  • To rearrange the order of the pages within the document, drag and drop the thumbnail image to the desired location.

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