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Outlook: How to use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to send emails
Last Updated a year ago


The Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature of Outlook is designed to allow you to send an email to a large group of recipients but prevent them from doing a reply all and sending the reply to everyone on the original message. It is also useful if you want to protect the emails of those you are sending the message for privacy requests.

To use the BCC, open a new mail message in Outlook. Then
1. Click on the Options tab to select the Options ribbon bar
2. Click on BCC to show the BCC field along with the To and CC fields
3. Enter the email address of those you wish to send the message.


This feature is an on or off toggle. So the next time you open a new message, the BCC field will be displayed. To turn it off, click on the Options tab and then the BCC button.

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