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Colleague Web UI: Using Favorites
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you have a selection of Forms you use regularly in Colleague Web UI, but can't remember the mnemonic behind it, you can create a Favorite of that screen in your Colleague Web UI Session, so you can easily find it again.

  1. Login to Colleague Web UI, and navigate to a Form you normally use throughout the Day (example, NAE).
  2. Once in the Form, click on the Blue Star at the end of the Screen Name in the upper-left corner of the Form. ou will be presented with a prompt that will allow you to add the Form to your favorites, as well as organize them into a Folder Structure for better organization. Click the Add button, and you will receive a confirmation that your Form has been added to your Favorites.

  3. You can then access your Favorites by clicking the Favorites Icon on the Left Sidebar in your Colleague Web UI Window. Double-Click the Form you wish to use.


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