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Papercut: Email to Print
Last Updated 3 years ago

Papercut Email to Print

Mobile users who have a WNCC email can use the Email to Print feature of papercut to send a PDF they would like to print through email to and then release that print job at any papercut printer or copier on the WNCC campus.

1. Create a PDF

  • This feature is only available for pdf documents. All other document types will need to be converted to PDF format.
2. Log into Outlook on the web and Email the PDF to as an attachment.

  • For the To field enter
  • Leave the CC, BCC, Subject, and message field blank.
  • Attach the PDF you would like to print using the Attach Button.


3. Send the Email

  • Select the Send button.
  • If outlook asks if you want to send the message without a subject select yes.
4. Retrieve the print Job.

  • You can now walk to any papercut enabled copier or printer on the WNCC campus and print your PDF file just like you would print a file sent to papercut from your desktop.

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