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Sharepoint: How to follow a sharepoint site for easy access.
Last Updated about a month ago

If you are a member of a office group you can easily follow the sharepoint site to get quick access to the site files without going through outlook.

You will first need to navigate to the sharepoint site. You can do this by opening outlook, selecting the Group under the groups folder.


And then selecting Files In the ribbon.


Once the sharepoint is open in your browser select the start next to the Not following button in the top right of the screen.


Once you select the start your screen should change to show Following.


Now when you log into classlink and select the Office 365 button, and then select the sharepoint button, you will be able to see the sharepoint for you group under the following tab on the left menu.


You can then select the sharepoint site, and the documents to get access to the files without going through Outlook.

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