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Storage: File Storage Methods & Recommendations
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File Storage Methods & Recommendations

When it comes to storage or handling of your files on a WNCC Workstation, you have a few options at your disposal. Those options are:
      • WNCC OneDrive (Cloud-based Storage)
      • J: Drive (Personal Fileserver Storage)
      • K: Drive (Shared Fileserver Storage)
      • C: Drive (Storage ON your Workstation)

As detailed below, there are significant advantages and disadvantages to each storage method:


As the table above implies, we strongly recommend against storing critical and important files on your workstation's C: Drive, as the contents of your C: Drive are NOT BACKED UP. This means if something catastrophic happens to your workstation, such as a malware attack or device failure, and your drive is irreparable, the files stored on that C: Drive are gone forever.

Files stored on the WNCC OneDrive, J: Drive, and K: Drive are all backed up, and can be recovered if something happens to those files. Your J: Drive and K: Drive can be accessed through your Workstation's File Explorer.

Want more information on how to use your WNCC OneDrive? Click here!

* Please reference our Data Classification and Handling Documentation for details, found here.

** Storage resources for the J: and K: drive are shared amongst all users in the institution. The storage indicated in your File Explorer is not just your space, but the space for the entire college.

- Your WNCC IT Team

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