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Blackboard: Import your class schedule into a preferred calendar.
Last Updated 4 years ago

We understand that life can be busy and keeping on top of all your assignments can be tricky, especially when they all have different due dates. If you have a smart phone and an email linked calendar managing your week can be made a whole lot easier!

TIP: Click the Blackboard icon to go straight to the portal login page.

First you will need to log onto the Wncc portal and navigate to blackboard. Once in blackboard open up the Home page of the course you would like to manage.


Now that we are on the Home page of our class, we will select "Calendar" from the menu on the left to take us to the course calendar. This calendar will have important information about the course and due dates for assignments.


Once on the calendar page you will see your calendar for the class with all assignment due dates. On this page you will find a button labeled "Get External Calendar Link". This should be under the heading ICALENDAR. We will use this link to import this calendar to your preferred one.


Select the icon below of the calendar platform of your choice. This will navigate you to an article on how to use the link we just found to import your class calendar information.

image iconfinder_gmail_1220367.png

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