GENERAL IT Emergencies
Call Extension - 6143
ITV (Distance Learning) Emergencies
Call Extension - 6300

WNCC - Information Technology

The IT Department respectfully asks that ALL non-emergency IT requests are entered into this ticket management system. This system serves to facilitate proper prioritization, tracking, and completion of requests.

IT emergencies may be anything that detrimentally impacts the following:
  • The learning environment.
  • The daily core operation of any people or department.
  • A significant portion of the end user's technology experience.
Our members include:
Loren Moench
Mike Bueide
Neal Brady
John Cataraja
Chris Armstrong
Ryan Anderson
Mark Davis
Interim Director of Information Technology
Associate Network Administrator
ERP Administrator
Associate System Administrator
Associate Instructional Systems Specialist
Associate Technical Support Specialist
Information Security Specialist