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Backing Up: How do I backup my files to the J drive?
Last Updated 4 years ago

This guide is to help users backup there data.

Step 1: Open up file explorer


Step 2: Left click on "This PC"


Step 3: Under Devices and drives, double left click on "Windows (C:)"


Step 4: Double left click on "Users" folder


Step 5: Double left click on your "Username" folder

Step 6: Left click on "Contacts". With holding SHIFT, left click on the last folder "Videos". This will highlight all the necessary folders for your data.


Step 7: Right click in the highlighted area, and left click "Copy"

Step 8: Left click on "This PC".


Step 9: Under network locations, double left click on the "(J:)" drive


Step 9: After the J drive opens up, right click in the blank area, and left click on "Paste"

Step 10: Everything should start to copy over to the J drive!

If you are having trouble after these steps please consult the IT department.

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